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Why Discount Tires Cost You More

TiresWhen purchasing a new set of tires, the first thought many consumers have is “How much is this going to cost?” While the price and specifications of tires can vary, and so many tire companies offer bargains and discounts to pull in customers from every angle, there are many factors to consider to be sure you are getting the right tire at the right price. Paying less for a cheaper tire may in fact cost you more over time.

Things to consider when buying tires

For decades, tires have been one of a vehicle’s most important safety features, so why skimp on purchasing something so necessary for your safety? Tires are a vehicle's only contact with the road. Every move and turn a car makes involves the tires functioning properly. Ensuring that you have the best possible tires on your vehicle is important, so choosing the right brand, size, and features can prevent an accident, and even save a life, all while saving you money. When deciding on which tires to purchase, ask a tire expert about the tread life, wet weather requirements, speed rating, ride quality, and noise. All of these components can affect your choice of tire. Different levels of options can cost different amounts, making your decision an even more difficult one. But just remember, in the long run, choosing to purchase a less expensive tire may mean opting to forgo certain features or specifications that may be necessary. In order to ensure you’re receiving the best possible tire for your needs, choosing to spend a bit more money may be the best decision.

Spending less may cost you more

So you think that if you find a way to cut costs when servicing your vehicle, especially when it comes to replacing tires is the smartest move to make, think again. A poor choice of replacement tires can haunt you every time you get behind the wheel for the next three to six years. The wrong tires can break down faster, meaning replacing them will need to happen sooner than later, costing money. The wrong tires can also affect the alignment, handling, and gas mileage of your vehicle, which could cost you more in repairs than you had planned for originally.

Stick with what you know works

If you like the way the current tires on your vehicle are performing, then there’s no sense in changing up what works. It’s OK to buy the same model you’ve had. Especially if the tires you have now are original to the car, there is a reason this particular brand was chosen to outfit the vehicle from the beginning. Automotive manufacturers select original equipment to emphasize a vehicle's features. So if you haven’t noticed any problems or aren’t concerned with needing to change up the brand and model of tires, ask to have the same product you’ve used when replacing tires. You may have to search for the same product at more than one tire retailer, but don’t worry, they’re out there and you can find them. Contact the tire manufacturer if necessary.

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Written on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 by Treadworks
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